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Student Assessment Workbook & Presentation Templates

Northwestern’s Student Affairs Assessment & Planning department coordinates the evaluation of services, programs, and facilities based on how they meet student needs and further learning. Every year, the department organizes a Student Learning Working Group training where the participating staff each implement a project to assess student learning.


This 40-page workbook guides the participants through the seven-week training session and continues to serve as an informational resource once the training is over. In previous years, the binder pages consisted of a minimally formatted Word document, which didn’t meet Northwestern’s branding guidelines, and took little advantage of formatting to signify different sections and types of information.

Structuring the information in an easy-to-follow manner was the most crucial part of this project. Each chapter included a few key sections; namely, Learning Outcomes, Assignments, and Handouts. Since these sections were repeated every week, I designated a specific color to each and placed the respective information in a box of that color. This way, participants can easily find this information when looking through the workbook. I also designed icons for each of these sections to place in the top corner of the boxes.

The full workbook includes a cover, table of contents, eight chapters with multiple sections each, charts, tables, references, and more.

Custom Templates

The department also requested a set of templates for presentations and reports that were (a) university-branded, (b) would indicate the department, and (c) would be recognizable to others as belonging to the department. The following Powerpoint and Word templates are flexible, easy to use, and contain a variety of preset tools for presentations and reports that ensure a consistent look across all department presentations.

Microsoft Powerpoint Template


Customized Powerpoint template for all department presentations. This flexible template provides a consistent look for all department presentations. Includes:


  • A variety of personally designed slide layouts
  • Built-in color palette, consistent with Northwestern-brand primary and secondary colors
  • Embedded Northwestern-brand font
  • Department-specific logo
Microsoft Word template


Customized, Northwestern-branded Word template for use on all department reports. This template provides a consistent look for all department reports. Includes:


  • Title and body pages
  • Built-in text formatting for headings, subheadings, body text, and notes, as well as an embedded Northwestern-brand font
  • Footer with Department-specific logo and pagination
  • Built-in color palette, consistent with Northwestern-brand primary and secondary colors, for use on tables, charts, shapes, and more