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Daniela Rivas: Portfolio
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Norris Mini Courses


Every quarter, Northwestern’s ARTica Studios offer a variety of recreational mini courses for students, faculty, and community members. The classes range from ceramics and painting to dance and wine tasting. Because the college environment can be stressful, Mini Courses aim to contrast regular academic life by giving members the opportunity to unwind while picking up a new skill in a relaxed, informal environment.


Because many past students had praised Mini Courses for their balance of valuable learning curriculum and an enjoyable, open, and casual atmosphere, I wanted the design itself to emphasize the courses as a fun way to pick up a new skill.

“The environment is casual and fun – filled with laughter and sharing of ideas…”

“The instructor is amazing! There is a very good balance of simple and advanced techniques so that there is something for everyone at every level.”

Visual Style

The use of relaxed shapes and custom-illustrated characters creates a friendly, welcoming feeling. A warm and vibrant color palette furthers this, while also nodding to the fall season. Each bubble highlights different course activities specific to some of the classes that will be offered, but the stylistic consistency and strategic arrangement of these bubbles to create flow brings unity to the design.

Color Palette

Subtle shading and overlaid textures on the illustrations add dimension and visual interest.

Additional Mediums

The design was adapted for multiple poster sizes, flyers, postcards, email graphics, and a Facebook cover photo.